If you want to get the best natural look out of your hardwood flooring we recommend using floor oil regularly. Floor oil penetrates the surface of the wood and brings out the natural color and luster better than any other finish. Plus, the floor oil can be used as a sealant to protect the wood floor from wear and tear. To keep your oiled wood flooring shinning like new, it is important for it to be regularly maintained. Using Woca™ Maintenance Oil is one of the best ways to keep your oiled floors protected from wear and tear, and to truly bring out the natural luster of your flooring.


Woca™ Maintenance Oil is 100% all natural. It is primarily made from cold pressed vegetable oils and aromatic hardening oils. It does not contain any artificial preservatives or color pigments. Woodcare of Denmark (WOCA) has been manufacturing this type of wood oil for over 30 years. They are on a mission to provide the best care for your wood floors while protecting the environment and your family from pollutants.

How Does Floor Oil Work?

Floor oil is often used instead of your standard hardwood finish. Floor oil penetrates the surface of the wood and protects it from scratches and dents. However, it brings out a natural luster in the wood floor that you can’t replicate with a finish.

Unlike most other types of floor oil, Woca™ Oil both penetrates the surface of the wood and hardens. Most other oils can penetrate the surface of the wood, but they don’t harden. This hardening effect protects the wood from wear and tear better than traditional floor oil.

Woca™ Maintenance Oil is used to enhance and protect the original floor oil. Woca™ Maintenance Oil is oil based and it adds an extra layer of protection to your hardwood floors against wear and tear every time it is applied. Properly oiled floors bring out more of the natural grain and color from the wood, for this, we recommend that you contact your flooring supplier for instructions.


Woca™ Maintenance Oil is 100% natural, it does not contain any unnatural color pigments. To enhance the specific natural color of your hardwood floors, Woca™ Maintenance Oil comes in several different color options. You have the option of choosing from brown, extra white, grey, natural, and white. The natural color of your floor will determine the appropriate color to choose.

How to Apply

Applying Woca™ Maintenance Oil is simple. Just follow these instructions below:

  1. Clean the floor with ¼ a cup of wood cleaner mixed in a gallon of water. Allow the floor to dry for a minimum of eight hours.

  2. After shaking the container, apply 1-2 oz of oil for every 50 square feet. Apply with a cotton cloth, pad, paint roller, or polishing machine.

  3. Polish the Woca™ Maintenance Oil until the wood looks saturated and the surface looks even and uniform.

  4. Next, wipe the floor clean with a dry cotton cloth. There should not be any excess oil left on the floor, and the surface should look dry.

  5. When using a polishing machine, the floors should be hardened after four hours. If the floor has been manually polished, wait 24 hours for it to harden. Do not allow water on the surface of the floor while it is hardening.

For more information contact your flooring supplier.

Why Choose Woca™ Maintenance Oil?

The natural wood look you get from a floor oil is hard to beat. To protect your floors from wear and tear, it is important to regularly use hardwood floor maintenance oil. When it comes to choosing the best maintenance oil, Woca™ Maintenance Oil is hard to beat. Not only does it provide an extra layer of protection to your floors that most other maintenance oils can’t, but it also is 100% natural. When it comes to hardwood floor maintenance, there isn’t anything better than protecting your hardwood floors while protecting your family and the environment from pollutants.

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