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Terms and Conditions


These conditions of sale supersede any conditions, or conflict of conditions contained on Buyer’s order unless specifically changed herein and accepted by both Buyer and Seller. With every purchase, the buyer accepts these Terms and Conditions by completing the checkout.


Seller, at any time and in its sole discretion, may limit or cancel the credit of Buyer as to amount and/or length of time and terms. Should credit not be extended for all, or any part of this contract, Seller may require anticipation (payment demand) in cash or otherwise, prior to delivery.

Late payment service charge

Late payment service charges of 1.5% per month may be charged.


Should the need arise to employ professional collection agents and/or attorneys to effect payment of monies due on this contract, all such costs incident to the collection, including, but not limited to: court costs, attorney fees, etc., shall be borne by the Buyer.


Curbside Delivery Shipment of all, or part of this order, is contingent upon Seller’s ability to obtain material and services through its usual means of supply. Seller shall not be liable for any delays in making a delivery when inconvenienced by any cause extending beyond its control. Transportation Companies’ receipt for goods constitutes successful delivery, at which point Seller’s responsibility ceases. All damage in transit must be adjusted by the carrier. All deliveries are curbside deliveries only unless specified in said order. Inside deliveries are subject to additional fees which are provided and determined by the carrier.

Cancellation / Returns

All returned or exchanged orders are subject to a re-stocking fee of up to 15% at Seller’s discretion. Shipping arrangements and payments for returned or exchanged items are the responsibility of Buyer. All returned shipments must be in original packaging and a re-sellable condition unless the product/s is/was damaged prior to receiving. There will be no re-stocking fee for damaged, defected, or miscalculated orders. ADM will not accept any returns on orders exceeding 30 calendar days from date of delivery.


It is the responsibility of Buyer to inspect all material(s) for miscalculation(s) and damage(s) prior to releasing Seller’s liability by signing an order acceptance form. Buyer must, within 30 calendar days of delivery, report any defects in ADM product(s) and material(s). Therein, it the responsibility of Buyer to report any defects, damages, or miscalculations to Seller within the allotted time listed above.

Only a valued ADM client may sign for any parcel(s) unless otherwise requested; however, Buyer assumes all responsibility for deliveries inspected by those person(s) which he/she has authorized to sign for the said parcel(s). To prevent claim void, the receiver should check and approve the order for both quality and quantity. Only then should the receiver print, sign, and date order acceptance form.

Dye lots and dimensions

Due to the wood element, color match between dye lots will vary slightly, thus, should be anticipated by Buyer. All dimensions advertised are near exact but are subject to a slight variation due to the hand brushing/sanding process.


Any applicable government taxes will be charged to Buyer. State Sales Tax, etc., will be charged to the Buyer unless the appropriate Exemption Certificate number is filed with ADM, prior to shipment.

Exclusion of implied warranties

As a material part of this bargain, all implied warranties (including merchantability) are excluded and the Buyer expressly waives any claim or remedy based.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Seller assigns to Buyer a manufacturer’s warranty which is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Any such express warranties are contained in writing, furnished by the manufacturer, and may not be modified or expanded with any statements, either written or oral, by any representative of the seller.